Is Getting Passive Income Taking More Work Than Anticipated?

Arrange for Airbnb cleaning services in Bend, OR

Renting out a room or additional property on Airbnb may seem like a great way to bring in passive income. But cleaning it before each renter checks in takes a lot of effort. Thankfully, you can get Airbnb cleaning services in the Bend, OR area when you work with Three Sisters Clean LLC.

You can trust us to:

Take out the trash
Wash and dry bedding
Wipe interior windows
Clean the ceiling and air vents
Sweep, mop and vacuum floors
Restock and clean the bathrooms
Sanitize and deodorize the rental unit

We can also wash the dishes for an additional fee. To learn more about our vacation home cleaning services, contact us today.

Top benefits of getting Airbnb cleaning services

There are many undeniable benefits of getting Airbnb cleaning services. When you work with us, you'll:

  • Reduce stress by not having to clean your rental yourself
  • Increase guest satisfaction by maintaining a spotless rental
  • Give your rental a more welcoming feel by making sure it always smells fresh

Ready to enjoy all the above benefits? Set up an appointment for our vacation home cleaning services today.